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CSL - Construction Supervisor License Renewal 

This hybrid class, a combination of online and classroom allows you to leave with your certificates of completion for you License renewal. 

Leave with Value, Knowledge & Safety.

 Online & Classroom Hybrid Classes held Tuesday & Thursday for $170. 
For more details or to Register, go to our online site for registration 
NOTICE: We know that your job is your bread and butter. It’s your livelihood. Don’t let your career fall behind - keep your safety up to date and keep you and your crew working safe.
We are not office guys putting out useless info. We are 30 year building, excavation & hoisting guys that created real world courses from our own life experience. Our courses & systems are both easy to use and in layman's understanding. This computer stuff made easy for guys like us.
We take your education and safety seriously - call anytime with questions - we're here to help. 508-212-4735

Supervisor Safety Courses Save Lives.